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Welcome to Beauty and the Gi, the BJJ podcast about jiu-jitsu and life from the female perspective.

Apr 24, 2019

Planning is the key to making sure you can train while traveling. AJ has trained in gyms across the country. She is sharing tips and best practices to help you get the most out of training while traveling.


We also talk about jiu-jitsu hair. How do YOU wear your hair when training?


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Apr 18, 2019

Episode Summary


There are differing opinions in the community on “Women’s Only” classes. AJ shares her thoughts on why offering women’s classes is important.


We also get a preview of what to expect at the upcoming women’s grappling camp.



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Apr 17, 2019

Episode Summary


This episode is all about tournaments:


Why should you compete in a tournament?

What should you expect at a tournament?

How do you prepare?

What is your gameplan?

How do you handle nerves?


Did you know that the EGO tournament pays equal prize money for men and women?



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Apr 2, 2019


We are sharing what got us on the mat and why we keep coming back.


But wait, there's more....

  • The power of our community
  • Red flags and what to look for in a school
  • Why you should try singing on the mat (seriously, it works)


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Women’s Grappling Camp

Register for the EGO

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