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Welcome to Beauty and the Gi, the BJJ podcast about jiu-jitsu and life from the female perspective.

Dec 29, 2019

I’m going to tell you the opposite of what you are seeing most of the time on social media.

I know, we hear all the time you gotta Go Go Go…if you’re not hustling, you’re not working hard enough.

It’s exhausting. Try being still and see what happens.


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Dec 25, 2019

BJJ Black Belt Rachel Casias visits the podcast for a conversation about jiu-jitsu competition, making time to train, and life on and off the mat.

You’ve heard Rachel in previous episodes of the podcast when we’ve shared questions asked at last year’s Roll Model Camp Q & A Session.

This will be Rachel's 8th time...

Dec 18, 2019

What are your goals? Have you made your game plan for 2020?

We are sharing some of our own goals and game plans for 2020. AJ walks us through an exercise she uses with her business coaching clients to help them reach their goals.


BJJ Goals

  • Why goals are better than resolutions
  • Why the belt shouldn’t be the goal

Dec 15, 2019

Smiling really is good for you and those around you. 


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Dec 9, 2019

Have you stepped up to claim your full potential?